Privacy Policy

Dear User! We care about your privacy and would like to ensure that you are comfortable using services offered on our website. To that end we present below the most important information on rules governing the processing of your personal data and cookie files used by our Website. The information has been prepared taking into account the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This policy is applicable to all activities of the Controller performed as part of and in relation to the Website.


Your data controller is S&M Logistic Z. Gulcz i M Nawrocki Sp. J. ul. Warszawska 39/41 | 61-028 Poznań [tax ID no.] NIP 9721254356 | [business ID no.] Regon 361206472.

The provision of personal data is voluntary but it is required in order to receive marketing and commercial information. I have been informed that I have the right to access and rectify my data, and to request to discontinue data processing. The data will be processed based on your consent (art. 6.1(a) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council) until it is withdrawn at any time.
In order to request the withdrawal of your consent to data processing, please send an e-mail to:

Please be informed that you have the right to lodge a complaint with the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.


The Website gathers information about users and their behavior in the following manner:

a. through information entered voluntarily on forms to the provision of which the user’s consent is each time required;

b. through cookie files (cookies) stored on terminal devices;

c. through collecting www server logs by S&M Logistic Z. Gulcz i M Nawrocki Sp. J.’s hosting operator.


Processing your data, we apply organizational and technical measures compliant with applicable laws (in particular with the GDPR), including using an SSL-encrypted connection.


  1. The Website collects information provided by the user voluntarily.
  2. The Website may also save information about connection parameters (time, IP address).
  3. The data provided in the form is made available to third parties only with the user’s consent.
  4. The data provided in the form may constitute a set of prospects recorded by the Website Operator in a register maintained by the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data.
  5. The data provided in the form is processed for a purpose that results from a function of a specific form, e.g. to process a service request or contact sales clients.
  6. The data provided in the forms may be transferred to entities performing certain services technically, in particular, the above is applicable to the provision of information about an owner of a registered domain to entities that are operators of Internet domains, payment system processors or other entities with which the Website Operator cooperates in that field.


Your personal data is processed only when there is a legal basis for it.

The following are the bases applicable as part of our Website: – a contract for the performance of Services or to take action on request of a data subject prior to entering into the contract (article 6.1(b) of GDPR), –  compliance with our legal obligation, in particular that related to accounting in the case of paid services (art. 6.1(c) of GDPR), – our legitimate interest in personal data processing for the purpose of the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims, if any, as related to the Website, including the Services performed (art. 6.1(f) of GDPR), – our legitimate interest in collecting the Website users’ opinions regarding the Website allowing us to improve it in accordance with the users’ suggestions (art. 6.1(f) of GDPR), – our legitimate interest in collecting data for statistical and analytical purposes allowing us to optimize the Website (art. 6.1(f) of GDPR), – your consent given on the Website if you have consented to data processing (art. 6.1(a) of GDPR). If the legal basis for data processing is your consent, remember that it can be withdrawn or restricted at any time. Until withdrawal your personal data are processed lawfully.


Data provision in our Website is voluntary, yet in the majority of cases it is required to: use the Service (i.e. submission of a request) or receive information about promotions or special offers offered via the Website if you decide to receive them. YOUR RIGHTS In regard of your personal data you have the right to: – access, – rectify, – request the erasure of – request the restriction of processing – move your personal data to another data controller, and the right to: – object to data processing. Please contact us if you wish to exercise your rights. Should you recognize that your data have been processed unlawfully, a complaint may be lodged to a supervisory authority.


In relation to our Website we rely on services of other entities that perform the services assisting with our operations. Hence your data may be transferred solely for purposes referred to in this policy; in the case of the users visiting the Website to: – hosting companies providing us with space on servers, – providers of tools used for marketing or analytical purposes – unless the user has effectively objected to such data processing; in the case of the services based on cookies, such objection may be in particular expressed in the form of browser settings; in the case of all Services to: – hosting companies providing space on servers, – to our partners co-operating with us under civil law contracts and assisting us with our day-to-day operations, – Internet service providers (in particular, to Google)*, – a provider of software used for collecting the Website users’ opinions, – the providers of software for servicing our prospects and customers; in the case of performing the services of an agent registering Internet domains: – to an Internet domain registrar, in the case of traditional shipments sent to users: – to a company performing courier/postal services.


As part of our Website we do not adapt its contents to match your interests and needs, i.e. we do not engage in data profiling based on your data.


Your data will only be processed for period in regard of which we have the legal basis for data processing, i.e. until: – we are no longer legally obliged to your data processing or –until it is no longer possible to exercise legal claims related to our co-operation by each party or – until your consent to data processing is withdrawn provided that it has been the basis for the same, or  – until your objection to your data processing is accepted if the data have been processed based on the controller’s legitimate interests or for direct marketing purposes – depending on what is applicable in a given case and whichever is later.


  1. The Website uses cookie files.
  2. The cookie files (so-called “cookies”) are computer data, mainly text files that are stored in the Website User’s s terminal device and intended for use with the pages of the Website. Typically, cookies contain the name of a website from which they come, their storage time on terminal devices and a unique number.
  3. The Website operator is an entity that places cookies in the Website User’s terminal device and has access to them.
  4. Cookies are used for the following purposes:
  5. creating statistics that help understand how Website Users use web pages which leads to enhancing their structure and content;
  6. maintaining the Website Users’ session (after logging in) as a result of which the User does not have to re-enter their login and password on each subpage;
  7. The Website uses mainly two basic types of cookies: session cookies and permanent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files stored in the User’s terminal device until logging-out, leaving the website or turning off the software (the browser). Permanent cookies are stored in the User’s terminal device for a specified time that is determined in cookie parameters or until they are deleted by the User.
  8. Software for browsing websites (a browser) usually allows the storage of cookies on the User’s terminal device by default. Website Users can adjust the related settings. The web browser allows deleting cookies. It is also possible to disable cookies automatically. Details of how to do that can be found in help files or in the browser’s documentation.
  9. Restrictions on the use of cookies may affect some of the functionalities available on the Website.
  10. Cookies placed on the Website User’s terminal device may also be used by advertisers and partners cooperating with the Website operator.
  11. We recommend reading the privacy policies of those companies to learn about how cookies are used in statistics: the Privacy Policy of Google Analytics.
  12. Cookies may be used by ad networks, especially Google, to display ads matched to the specific use of the Website. They may save information about the user’s navigation paths and time spent on a given page.
  13. Regarding information on user preferences gathered by the Google ad network, each user can view and edit the information in the cookies with the use of the following tool:
  14. Should the user not wish to receive cookie files, browser settings may be changed. Please note that disabling cookies that are necessary for the processes of authentication, security, maintenance of user preferences can hinder, and in some cases, prevent the user from viewing web pages.
  15. To manage the cookie settings, choose the web browser/system from the list below and follow the instructions: • Internet Explorer • Chrome • Safari • Firefox • Opera • Android • Safari (iOS) • Windows Phone • Blackberry 4.

Server logs

  1. Information about some user behaviors is subject to logging-in into the server layer. This data is used only to administer the Website and provide the most efficient use of hosting services.
  2. Browsed resources are identified by URL addresses. Moreover, the following may be recorded: • request time, • reply sending time, • name of the client’s station – the identification is carried out by the HTTP protocol –information about errors that occurred during implementation of the HTTP transaction, • URL address of previously visited page (reference link) – if the Website was entered through a reference link • information about the user’s browser, • information on IP address.
  3. The aforementioned data is not associated with individual persons viewing the pages.
  4. The data is used only for server administration purposes.