S&M Logistic is an experienced, modern and dynamically growing logistic, transport and forwarding company. We are a provider of domestic and international transport services across Europe. Our team includes experienced and qualified forwarders and reliable and efficient truck drivers. We are open to individual needs and new challenges with our flexible and responsible approach to each order, offering optimal solutions and competitive prices.
We started our business in 2015 and have been highly trusted by our clients since the very beginning. Such successful co-operation enables us to transport tons of cargo and travel hundreds of kilometers driving our own truck fleet, and opens up splendid growth prospects for us.

Headquartered in Poznań, the company has its regional offices in Kraków, Łódź, Łask.

Our young and ambitious team of experienced forwarders takes a professional approach to each request, swiftly providing solutions. Thanks to that we operate rapidly and dynamically, accommodating individual needs of our clients.
Having our own coolers and taut liners we are able to provide efficient tailor-made solutions. Our new truck fleet guarantees safe and smooth shipments and our qualified truck drivers ensure fully professional transports. We have doppelstock refrigerator trailers and complete ADR equipment giving us boundless transport opportunities.

our TEAM

Magdalena Rosińska
head of administration
Sebastian Kaczmarek
regional offices coordinator
Marta Radziejewska
recruitment department
Piotr Wiszniewski
the Kraków office manager
Radosław Szczygliński
the Łódź office manager
Paweł Chodkiewicz
the Łask office manager